Your Report provides the security, savings, value and certainty that comes with an Advantage Home Inspection. A home inspection reveals many items needing general maintenance and repair throughout your home. By identifing potential concerns, we protect your investment from costly surprises and undetected maintenance. We are not contractors.

We do not make repairs, we simply identify them objectively because . . .

Peace Of Mind…  Is the BEST Advantage!!

Home Inspection Reports

Advantage Inspection provides a variety of real estate inspections, evaluations and tests.

Home, Septic System, Termite, Radon, Well Water, Pre-Drywall, Framing, Roof, HVAC, Pool, Irrigation, Commercial Buildings, 
11-Month Builder’s Warranty Inspections, Mold, FHA Compliance Reports, FHA/VA Foundation Certifications,
Air Quality, Lead Paint, Asbestos

Single Family Home (Existing)

Single Family Home (New)

Single Family Home (Older)

Roof Inspection

Septic Inspection

Radon Gas Report

Well Water Basic

Pre-Drywall Report

Adv HVAC Report

Termite Report

Well Water Advanced

Pool | Spa Report

Airborne Mold Report

Foundation Report (Cert)

Commercial Report

Asbestos Report

Chimney Scope