core values

“We have a proven process that we follow call The ADVANTAGE difference.”

Adaptive, Respectful, Charitible, Accessible and Accountable!


Nothing is more important at Advantage Home Inspection NC than the number 29.  Yes 29.  That is the number of  individuals that make up Advantage Inspection NC.  Here are a few more numbers… 18 Years in Business…  50,000+ Inspections…  Covering 29 Cities, 15 Counties and 3 states.  

Each and every one at Advantage Home Inspection adds something from sales to admin to inspectors,  that define us.

We are leaders in our industry, yes, but we are so much more!


Adaptative,  Respectful, Charitable, Accessible and Accountable. 

The words above describe Advantage Home Inspection NC.  These words make us tick, they drive our  passion, what is at our core, the heart of Advantage, the heart of us.  Five little words describe each and everyone of the 29. 

Why do clients do business with us, return to us again and again?  They continue to call Yolanda, Tammy, Kristie?  They ask to to business with Rob, with Hugh, with Pete, with Lance, with Joe, with Daniel, with Tony, with Will, just to name a few?

Because the people I just mentioned and all of you understand the importance of treating others with respect, and being honest, sincere and trustworthy.

we believe in relationships, Service and hard work

Integrity and honesty are to a relationship, any relationship, whether it be a business or a personal one.  Tie that in with a sincere interest in understanding the needs of our clients, listening to their needs, and being ready to assist when necessary.   Advantage people are service oriented!

This is why when a client calls and tells Tammy that they cannot close without a particular report, she stops what she is doing and puts in motion people, vendors, accounting to make it happen for our client. Advantage people are dedicated!

Hard Work.  When Spencer gets a call that we need one more septic tank inspected, dug up for a client.  Spencer says text me the address.  When Bob gets an urgent call from the office saying our client needs an inspection on the other side of the state in the morning.  Bob does not even think about, he says put it on the calendar and I will make it happen.  This is Teamwork.    Advantage people work hard… work as a team!


Our values can be expressed in words, they are also virtues that we cannot teach in a class or train.  They are part of what makes Advantage people special.  These words are in our heart and in our work.  These people area part of our team, our family.  Continuing to be committed to finding the right people at Advantage is one of the keys to leading the industry.  

Identifying our values, what makes Advantage people tick lays the groundwork for who we are, where we are going, how far we will go.  This is a very exciting time at Advantage Inspection and our people are part of the excitement.

At Advantage Inspection, all our people are dedicated to making the next 10 years at Advantage the best ever.  We hope you will come along, join us as we are driven to help our clients, our family, our friends.