What credentials, certifications or licenses do you have?

Great Question!  Advantage Inspection inspectors are licensed by the State of North Carolina and complete not only required state continuing education, but also our inspectors are trained in advanced standards of a homes systems and components.

What insurance is mandatory to do business in your state?

Yes, the state licensure board requires home inspectors to have $250,000 of general liability insurance in order to meet license renewal.  Advantage Home Inspectors exceed the state standard and provide $1,000,000 of general liability coverage for the protection.

What is inspected in the home inspection?

Over 1500 systems and componets are involved in most inspections covering the exterior, foundation, roof, driveways | walks, gutters, windows, doors, grounds and landscaping.  On the interior we cover the plumbing, electrical, heating, colling, appliances, attic, fireplace, cabinets and countertops.  So much more!!  See Sample Reports | Results here.

Do you provide ancillary inspections?

Advantage Inspection has 23 inspectors on staff and we are certified to complete a number of ancillary inspections including radon gas testing, septic inspections, well water testing, chimney and sewer scope evaluations, lead paint, asbestos, mold, etc.  

Am I allowed to attend the home inspection?

Advantage Inspection encourages you to attend the inspection.  One thing to note is that the home inspectors access licensing through the Multiple Listing Services requires your agent to provide access for you to enter the home.   So Come On In!!

Can you repair or replace any deficiencies noted in the report?

Advantage Inspection does not provide home inspection report repairs or replacement services.  We can provide a number of conrtractors that can help with repairs or replacment of a system or component.  

What is a Major Repair? What is a Minor Repair?

Repairs are in the eye of the beholder!  That being said we do believe that any water related deficiency should be a top priority.  Followed by the HVAC system, Roof and electrical systems and components.   Your REALTOR can be your guide through thisl  Use their expterise, knowledge and skills.

How much longer will my roof last?

That’s a great question as roof life has a much to do with weather as it has to do with the manufacture.  We do not carry a crystal ball, but you can expect the average shingle roof to last from 15-20 years.  

Can I call you to discuss my report?

We love to hear from our clients.  We do speak house and enjoy sharing our findings, care and knowledge.  We are generally out in the field during the day so please keep this in mind that a returned called maybe in early evening when we return to our home office.  

Does my REALTOR receive a copy of the report?

Advantage Inspection works for you!!  We are happy to share our findings with anyone as long as we have your permission.  It is customary to share the report with your REALTOR as they can guide you along repair pricing and negioations.  

Do I have to give the report to the seller?

Absolutely not!!  The report is yours and yours alone.  Share it as you wish.  

Can you provide me with the cost of the repairs?

Advantage Inspection does not provide repair or replacement cost but we do have partners like PUNCHlist USA that can provide a free estimate based on the inspection report.  Easy to use and free of charge.  A link is sent with each report for you at your leisure.  

Do you warrant or guarantee your work for a period of time?

Home inspectors provide a report based on a shapshot in time and can only report on the current condition of the home at the time we were at the home.  Advantage Inspection (home inspectors in general) cannot provide a guarantee or warranty.  We do partner with a 3rd party that can sell a home warranty based on our home inspection.  (Also they provide 6 additional months for free!)

Will you help me negioate the repairs with the seller?

Home Inspectors are generalist and professionals in the documentation of deficiencies in a home.  Some may be great negioators, but your real estate professional is trained in stradegy and art of negioation.  They do a great job and can keep the friction between each party at minimum.  

Can you provide me with a list of contractors and vendors?

We sure can.  Advantage Inspection we keep a contractor and vendor list on our website.  Click here and you will be taken to a living list that changes as we continue to grow and prune the list.  


Is Advantage Inspection a member of the MLS?

Advantage Home Inspectors are members of the MLS and are provided access to home listing in the service.  We do follow all MLS rules for access and providing access to your clients.  

Do I have to attend the inspection?

You are welcome at the inspection, but not mandatory.  After we complete the evaluation, we will place a call to your best number to discuss our findings and provide report delivery timing.  

Can the client or myself show up at the end of the inspection for a recap?

Sure you can and we welcome a chance to meet your client and discuss what we have found.  We do ask that you inform us of timing so we can plan properly for the discussion and recap.  

Home Warranty... I heard about 6 month for free for my client.

Correct!  We have partnered with RWS who provides our clients with 18 months of home warranty coverage for the price of 12 months.  Check how coverage options here!

Can you perform Ancillary Services for my client?

Advantage Inspection has 23 inspectors on staff and we are certified to complete a number of ancillary inspections including radon gas testing, septic inspections, well water testing, chimney and sewer scope evaluations, lead paint, asbestos, mold, etc.  Call us and if we cannot perform the service we will help you track down some who can!

What is your turnaround time for a home inspection report?

Reports are turned around in 24-48 hours depending on the deficiencies indentified, size of the home, age, etc.  But our goal is 24-48 hours and we meet this goal 94.7% of the time.

Can I request a certain inspector and/or a certain time for the inspection?

Yes, you can request a certain inspector and a time.  In general we start inspections as 930 and 130, but we will work to meet deadlines, clients and agents schedule.

What areas do you cover?

60 miles around Raleigh covering the tips for VA, Winston Salem, Henderson and Fayetteville.  We go where you need us.

Do you offer office presentations?

We can and do provide office presentations on many subjects, systems, marketing tools and the latest real estate stuff!!  Just give us a call and we can put your office on the calendar!

Should I recommend my client a new construction home inspected?

Absolutely… Even new home have problem.  And more times that not, it is something major that the builder just over looked.  Peace of mind is the best Advantage.  Read more here!

Should I recommend to my client a chimney inspection?

Yes, all chimney’s should be inspected anually.  If the seller has not cleaned, swept or had their chimney/flue evaluate between burning seasons, it is recommended the chimney be inspected at the time of the home inspection or before the next burning season.

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