Kitchen Updates that won’t Break the Bank

Designer Stephen Saint-Onge, author of No Place Like Home, offers these tips for renewing your kitchen

First, focus on the feeling you want, down-home, vintage, or modern.

Workflow: If your sink, stove and fridge don’t form the recommended work triangle, think about how to improve efficiency and workflow.

Lighting: To bring more life to the room, layer your lighting. Use pendant fixtures as well as fixtures that go under cabinets and on the ceiling. LED light bulbs lower the electric bill and last longer so you won’t need to change bulbs as often.

Comfortable seating: Either at the countertop or with a long built-in bench: soften the feel with cushions and pillows.

If you have the space, consider using a table that seats up to six people. Use padded chairs with arms. Wheels are a plus. The table offers plenty of space for reading the mail, spreading out the newspapers you’re reading, or for kids to do their homework.

Flooring: Pick a floor covering that’s durable for heavy traffic and comfortable to stand on. Experts at say cork flooring is environmentally friendly, thermal insulating, fire resistant, sound absorbing, extremely durable, and best of all, the most comfortable floor you’ll ever walk on.

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Dave Park