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I am are often asked what the inspection process involves and what items are inspected for different types of hearths, fireplaces, chimneys and appliances.   Let’s dig into this from an inspectors point of view!

I recommend to our clients and agents that all wood and gas fireplaces | chimneys be cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis. Your safety and ability to enjoy your fireplace depend on a safe, reliable chimney and fireplace.

When we inspect the chimney, we look at key areas throughout the system and components. When applicable, we use a scope video camera to look up inside the flue and to access hard to reach areas. We compile the pictures and information to create a report explaining the overall condition of the chimney system. With each fireplace or stove system, we look for different types of issues and areas of concern.

Our home inspector looks for:

• Exterior masonry deterioration
• Deteriorated or improperly installed flashing
• Cracked or loose brick in the fireplace
• Gaps, cracks and voids in the smoke chamber
• Proper hearth size and clearances to combustible materials
• Cracked flue tiles, or gaps in the mortar joints between the flue tiles
• Cracked or deteriorated chimney crown that is allowing water to soak into the masonry
• Missing chimney cap or a cap that inadequately protects the chimney from animals or water penetration

Our Inspectors look for:

• Cracks in the back or side refractory panels (Properly connected)
• Improperly connected section of chimney pipe within the flue
• Proper clearances from the chimney pipe to combustible materials
• Exterior deterioration of the wooden chase structure
• Rusting to the chase cover or other signs of leaking
• Missing chimney cap or a cap that inadequately protects the chimney from animals or water penetration
• Deteriorated or improperly installed flashing

With over 20 years expirence and the working knowledge of fireplace construction your home inspector can keep your family safe and provide direction for maintenance that will keep the warmth of a hearth in gatherings for years to come.

Advantage Inspection provides inspection services from Fayetteville to Raleigh to Charlotte and all points in-between.  Cities include but not limited to:  Cary | Garner | Clayton | Smithfield | Holly Springs | Fuquay-Varina | Chapel Hill | Carrboro | Durham | Hillsborough | Mebane | Creedmoor | Franklinton | Youngsville | Wake Forest | Rolesville.

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